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Smart Farm Game


Guests play, scan and collect game stations using their smartphones! Agricultural educaction and mobile technology combine in the SmartFarm Game! Guests learn about the nine major agricultural commodity groups by finding game stations on the farm. Guests scan QR codes with their smartphones. Each code displays educational information and then is collected by the guest’s phone. [...]

Smart Farm Game2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

Bucking Bronco


Feel like you are a cowboy at the rodeo! With the help of your parent or friend, you can feel like you are a professional Bull Rider!

Bucking Bronco2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

Corn Crib


A fall twist on the familiar “sand box.” As you jump into the multi-colored ball pit, have fun digging and playing with the toys.

Corn Crib2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

60’ Tube Slide


The slide will thrill you every time! This is the longest and highest tube slide in the area, sure to be a thrill you will want to do several times.

60’ Tube Slide2019-09-10T16:50:41+00:00

Obstacle Course Bounce Houses


Children will have the time of their life as they venture through our Obstacle Course Bounce Houses. We have 2 courses with rigorous challenges such as a simulated rock climbing wall, slide, and much more fun!

Obstacle Course Bounce Houses2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

Caterpillar Crawl


They'll line up to explore this guy! While inside venturing this activity, they will encounter a large slide, giant teeth, strange bumps, and baffles...adventures that will have them scurrying back for more! *For Kiddies 125 lbs or less

Caterpillar Crawl2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

Gone Fishing


Test your skills fishing for the prize fish! Our new and improved Gone Fishing game is sure to "catch" your attention.

Gone Fishing2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00

Cow Milking Contest


This is a fun and hilarious game in which two players race to see who can get more simulated milk out of the udders. Whoever fills the bucket with the most milk is the winner!

Cow Milking Contest2019-05-07T18:17:05+00:00