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Fund Raising

Christmas Wreath Fundraising

Who’s up for an easy profitable fundraiser? Pioneer Evergreen Farms is ready to help you! Fundraising is now easy as 1,2,3!

STEP 1      Select a time to run fundraiser. Organizations usually sell tickets for a 3 week period; tickets are valid thru December 24, 2016.

STEP 2      Print tickets.

STEP 3      Sell fundraising tickets.

What are the organization’s responsibilities?

  • Organizations are responsible for ticket printing.
  • Pioneer Evergreen Farms must approve a sample of the tickets before they are mass produced.
  • Tickets expire at the end of the season, December 24, 2016.
  • Organizations will be invoiced (after our closing December 24, 2016, with Net 10 terms.)
  • Prices are very affordable! The organization is only charged for the tickets redeemed to Pioneer Evergreen Farms. Please contact our customer service department for pricing information.


  • Since the Christmas season is short, it is suggested that you begin selling the fundraising tickets near the end of October. This allows for the tickets to be sold for a 3 week selling period.
  • Tickets can be redeemed beginning (Black Friday) November 25, 2016.
  • Tickets can be used for a 12” (22-24” outside diameter) Fraser Fir Christmas Wreath with a velvet bow, the color is the customer’s choice.
  • If the customer would like a decorated wreath, the value of the ticket will be deducted from the wreath of choice.
  • Fundraising tickets have NO CASH VALUE.
  • Fundraising is geared toward non-profit organizations.
  • Any additional items that the customer may want to purchase will be charged at regular retail price.

Ticket Information and Sample Ticket

Please print tickets on cardstock and include the following:

  • Redeem at Pioneer Evergreen Farms
  • Item: 12” (22-24” outside diameter) Christmas Wreath with Velvet Bow
  • Pioneer Evergreen Farm’s phone number (570) 366-2619
  • Organization name
  • Ticket number beginning with #1
  • Ticket expires December 24, 2016


XYZ Methodist Church, Z Town

Redeem @ Pioneer Evergreen Farms
Donation $20.00  ticket expires 12/24/16

Ticket good for:

12” (22-24” Outside Diameter)
 Fraser Fir Christmas Wreath with Velvet Bow


Pioneer Evergreen Farms (570) 366-2619